Fiamme Puts A Fresh Spin On Italian

An excerpt from Eat Me California.

What do you get when you mix classic Italian cuisine with a little bit of home-grown Cajun?  The answer is Fiamme.  This new addition to the Thousand Oaks dining scene went in where the old Alessio went out.  In essence the menu has remained Italian, but the prices are better and the owners, Jerry and Liz, have added a little of bit of Cajun fun and flavor to the dining experience.

There’s something to be said for eating in a beautiful setting.  This restaurant is richly appointed and comfortable.  The red hues and wrought iron, soft chairs and softer light make it a place befitting a fine Italian restaurant.  As far as looks go, this place can compete with anywhere I’ve been in Ventura County, or anywhere else for that matter.

But looks only go so far, which is why I was relieved that the service, and the food, exceeded my expectations as well.  I ate in the bar this evening, because it was happy hour and because I was assured they served the full menu.  I sat down unannounced and was expecting to be ignored for at least a couple minutes.  To my bitter disappointment, my waitress was taking my drink order in under a minute.  In case you’re interested, I had a 20 oz Stella.

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